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A highly flexible machine for low volume food, toiletries, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical applications, the standard volume range of the H1000-S is 50-1000ml per cycle, but it can also be equipped to handle fills down to 5ml and up to 1500ml.

The H1000-S comes with a choice of product valves: poppet for free-flowing liquids and lotions or rotary for viscous creams and liquids with particulates. Positive cut-off non drip nozzles (both above the neck and diving) are also available to suit the characteristics of the product.

Intended principally as a low volume starter machine, the H1000-S can also be automated in the future, with up to four heads brought together in a purpose-designed frame with conveyor and unified controls. This provides a low cost upgrade path for growing businesses.

• Single or twin head

Volume range 50ml to 1000ml (down to 5ml/up to 1500ml with changeparts)

• Volume adjustment via handwheel and scale

• 316 stainless steel and PTFE contact parts

• Self clean with flushing circuit

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Bench top volumetric fillers for smaller volumes:

5 to 1,000+ml