Following the completion of a project, large or small, a customer's testimonial is the icing on the cake. Often a single sentence, these endorsements boost morale and set us up for the next challenge...

“Just to let you know that we got the drive unit yesterday and have it fitted and all working fine. Thanks again for your quick response as the next couple of weeks are very busy” Irish Agrochemical Co.

“It was a pleasure working with you and FCM this year!”
Speciality Chemicals Co. USA

“Yes the machine is performing without a hitch so feel free to dispose of the bottles - and many thanks for the assistance you have given us in making this old machine fit for purpose again”
Midlands Car Care Chemicals Co.

However, the real test of success is repeat business...



January 2014: Recap on a hectic 2103 and a look ahead to 2014

With a hectic eighteen months behind it and a busy first half of 2014 in prospect, as Filling and Capping Machines moves into it's 7th year, momentum has increased considerably. No doubt due to the upturn in customer confidence, first class references, only one minor guarantee claim in 7 years on new machines and a growing customer base worldwide.



2013: Third lube oil line ordered by German company

2013 started off well with an order for a third Filling and Capping Machines Ltd. 8 head V5000-A lube oil filler for a German manufacturer of ‘Car Care’ products. FCM have worked with the company for 8 years, maintaining their original 6 head filler, installed an 8 head lube oil line including an FCM single spindle screw capping machine in 2011 and following 2 years of trouble free operation returned for their third machine. FCM are also supplying a container feed table to continuously feed empty containers onto the fillers in feed conveyor.


2012: FCM increases capacity for R P Adam's Arpal

R P Adam Ltd, based in Selkirk, have been manufacturing and supplying the Arpal brand of cleaning and hygiene products for over 120 years.

When time came to add another semi-automatic machine, to fill their range of highly foaming to viscous liquids into containers from 500ml to 10 litres, they turned to Filling and Capping Machines Limited for the versatile V5000-S, equipped with diving nozzle and a multi shot facility.

The team at FCM have supplied and supported the existing semi and fully automatic machines at R P Adams over the past 30 years.


2012: FCM smooths the way to filling abrasive 'scrub' creams

One of the UK’s leading packers of toiletries and cosmetics needed help. Their 6 and 12 head filling and capping lines originally designed and installed by the team at FCM in 2000, have filled millions of containers with foaming, lotions and cream type liquids, but now the company needed the machines to pack ‘scrub’ type creams containing abrasive particulates which could rapidly cause component damage. In addition to replacing parts worn over the past 12 years, FCM supplied new cylinders with treated bores and pistons with special seals. Job done.


2012: A heated filler for a hot project

One of many such machines supplied during 2012, this was a twin head ATEX compliant filler for hot filling 10ml ‘stick’ containers with alcohol based products at a constant 65°C. To guarantee this, FCM provided a thermostatically controlled, pumped water supply system (outside the flammable area) to circulate water around the machine cylinders, product valve block and 60 litre double skinned hopper. We have the expertise!!


2012: The flexible, small batch filler that's in demand from Ireland to Ethiopia...

In constant demand by toiletries and cosmetics industries, our model H1000-S bench top fillers have gone to Ethiopia and Ireland each with 2 sets of nozzle change parts, that can be adjusted to fill above neck, into neck, full dive and rise whilst filling, or somewhere in between. Total flexibility for any product, filled into containers, from 30ml to 1,000ml (without the need to change product cylinder size).


2012: Midlands contract packer back for big filler refurb

A Midlands based contract packer has again approached FCM to refurbish a 12 head, 1 litre filling machine for use in its expanding liquids packaging department. This will include a complete strip down and rebuild with new components, seals, plc and electrical control panel. A new conveyor will be installed and container handling parts. The control system will then be tested and trials carried out prior to despatch.



2011: FCM installs 8 head state of the art lube oil line

The team at Filling and Capping Machines Ltd have been involved in the supply of over 100 fully automatic filling lines for 500ml, 1,000ml, 4 and 5 litre containers and pails and drums to most of the world's major lube oil companies over the last 35 years. Hardly surprising then, that we jumped at the chance to design, build and install a complete new line for a European manufacturer we've supported for the past 4 years...



2011: Little filler just the job for Belgian cosmetics firm

FCM has recently supplied its first machine to a toiletries and cosmetic company in Belgium. Required to fill from 50ml to 1 litre, of thin foaming liquids, lotions and creams. The single head H1000-S does the job perfectly.


2011: Rachel's Dairy goes with the flow

Rachel’s Dairy needed a single head, semi automatic, CIP machine to fill their range of yogurt products into 1 kilo (and bigger) containers for the catering trade. They had been using a piston filler which was difficult to clean to the high standards required for this natural product. Filling and Capping Machines Ltd had supplied a similar machine to Tims Dairy that fitted the bill. A flowmeter filler...



2011: FCM refreshes the parts... worldwide

When it come to service and support, FCM continues to keep up the good work, recently automating a line for Morgan's Pomade and supplying 4 sets of nozzles to James Briggs.


2010: A new line for Iraqi Ministry of Drug and Pharmaceuticals

A complete filling line for the Iraqi Ministry of Drug and Pharmaceuticals, comprising an 8 head V1000-A fully automatic filler, single spindle screw capper and a ‘front and back’ self adhesive labeller was part of the aid programme for the USA sponsored reconstruction of Iraq...



2010: Medichem gets a capper to match their FCM special fillers

Having already supplied Medichem with 4 specially designed twin head fillers for 'energy shots', FCM were then tasked with the design and build of a capper to top off the job...



2009: Highlights of a busy and productive 2009

From relocating a packing line from Kent to Yorkshire, refurbishments and the introduction of all new filling and capping machines, 2009 saw Filling and Capping Machines flourish...