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The future-proof solution to fully automatic volumetric liquid filling, FCM’s accurate, clean ‘high speed’ multi head in-line V series is designed to grow along with your business.

Available with a range of frame sizes from 2 to 12 heads, output can be increased by simply adding extra filling heads at a later date. Each head has a wide fill volume range, easily set by the programmable colour touchscreen HMI and can be adjusted for low or high viscosity, foaming, non foaming or liquids with particulates in suspension. FCM's V series has a wealth of features and many options including...

• ± 0.2% accuracy

• PLC controlled - pneumatically powered

• Multiple fill speeds per cycle

• Non drip nozzles to suit the application

• Infinitely adjustable volume by HMI

• Flush cleaning control circuit

• Filler/capper ‘Q’ line management

Container feed conveyor

Download a datasheet for the full specification

Download datasheet

Automatic multi head in-line liquid fillers

250 to 6,250 ml

V series